The need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important for people trained in NLP, Coaching, Health Promotion. Lifelong learning is strongly endorsed by Nordic Coach & NLP Academy. Indeed continued education is a process which is beneficial within all professional fields - and all areas of life!

Continuing education department at Nordic Coach & NLP Academy offers online learning courses, which not only include independent study, but also include videotaped/ Cd-Rom material, audio meditations, and internet learning materials. Continuing education courses are concentrated and offered to people external to Nordic Coach & NLP Academy, both in Norway and abroad. The courses are open to all qualified participants, and can be tailored to a specific candidate.

Continuing education can be utilised to either obtain additional certifications, or credits required to maintain a diploma or certificate. Almost anyone can take continuing education creditsfor personal or professional enrichment: coaches, healers, fitness trainers, doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists and instructors are examples of professionals who fall into the second category.

Continuing education is primarily for adults who already possess a degree or higher education qualification, though it is not a requirement for obtaining enrollment. Continuing education can take the form of workshops, seminars, home-study and/or online courses. Nordic Coach & NLP Academy offers online courses in English, most on-site training programmes are in Norwegian.