• Course title: Health Promoting Ergonomics

  • Date: To be agreed

  • Duration: From 3 hours to 1- day

  • Place: On site at the workplace

  • Price: Upon request

What you do with your body during your working day is of great signicance for your health.

Health Promoting Ergonomics provides you with knowledge and pragmatic solutions for optimal health and wellbeing at work.

Our highly qualified team holds Masters Degrees in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Public Health and Holistic Life Coaching. They are experts within the field of working ergonomics for improved health, wellbeing and productivity. The course is conducted on site, and employees receive training, advice and coaching for optimal health promotion.

Many workers sit in unhealthy positions for many hours each day. All too often this leads to tension, strain, health problems and eventually sick leave. To prevent illness and strain injuries, both employer and employee can benefit enormously by paying attention to good working ergonomics. Small adjustments from our expert team can make a world of difference.

The course provides knowledge of work ergonomics and effective at work techniques. This is especially important in times of stress when the body adapts “inside standby mode” and creates inner tension. Knowledge of health promoting ergonomics in the workplace is an insurance for the company. Employee health risks are minimized and productivity and job satisfaction increased. Employees learn more about what he or she needs to be aware of to eliminate the risk of stress and tension in the body.

The goals of health promoting ergonomics (reducing injury and efficient work process) are met by providing knowledge and individual health promotion tools. Beyond that, the holistic approach applied to health promoting ergonomics principles takes into consideration the actual workplace. Focus is also upon enhancing group and organizational performance by supporting the fluid and collaborative nature of knowledge work today and in the future.

Corporate work is mainly “knowledge work” where people work with intangible materials. Almost half of such work occurs outside the primary workspace, in a wide range of locations. The nature of the work is highly collaborative and social; though wherever the employee is working, ergonomics is of utmost importance for health and well being.

Gillian Godtfredsen - PhD Holistic Life Coaching, Founder, NLP Master Trainer, Registered Health Coach, Career Developer, Author

Cornelia Gåskjenn Medical Doctor, Specialist studies in Neurology and General Medicine, NLP Trainer, Registered Health Coach, Teacher

Melinda Merunada - PhD, MSc in Public Health, MSc in Education, NLP Master Trainer, Registered Health Coach, Career Consultant, Career Developer, Author